Crieff Fellowship

January Conference 2006




Knowing Christ


Sinclair Ferguson, Senior Minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina


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Some Answers to the Missing Generation



Martin Fair is parish minister at St. Andrew's Church of Scotland, Arbroath


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March Conference 2006


'The Work of the Pastor'




Derek Prime is a well-known conference speaker and author. He was Senior Pastor for many years at Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh

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"Eternal Life "
  David Court is Minister of New Restalrig Church of Scotland in Edinburgh. He was until recently Convenor of the Church of Scotland Social Care Council 'CrossReach'  
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October Conference 2006
  Peter Dickson is Minister of High Hilton Church, Aberdeen  
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"The Role of the Elder Today"
  Professor David Wright retired from Edinburgh University after 40 years service. He was a well known author and Chairman of the Rutherford House Trustees for a number of years. He died 19th January 2008  
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