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January Conference 2007







Vaughan Roberts is the Rector of St Ebbe's Church , Oxford , United Kingdom having served there as Curate under the Rev. David Fletcher.

He has written a number of books including Turning Points, Distinctives , True Worship , God's Big Picture (IVP 2004), and Life's Big Questions.

True Worship is based on his sermon series on 1 Corinthians . The premise of the book is that worship includes but is not limited to singing in church. He defines worship as living for God's glory in all aspects of life.

He studied law and theology at the University of Cambridge , where he was President of the CICCU .

In his spare time Roberts plays golf and cricket . He is a supporter of Hampshire Cricket Club.

His messages at the conference were on the book of Hosea emphasising God's amazing love despite the sinfulness of his people.

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"The Emmaus Road story and its impact on urban mission today"

Lecturer in Urban Mission and World Christianity at International Christian College. He is married to Joyce and they have two sons.

David is a Baptist Minister and has served in Cambridge and in cross-cultural mission in Nigeria. A graduate of Aberdeen University, he did postgraduate research on secularisation and was Principal of Northumbria Bible College and latterly Co-Director of the Whitefield Institute in Cambridge. David's special concerns are focussed on the future of mission in a religiously plural world. He relaxes through gardening, listening to classical music and indulging a lifelong passion for Watford Football Club. He is the author of Mission After Christendom and Against the Stream .


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March Conference 2007



"Preaching of Law and Gospel"


Sandy Roger is currently serving as a Church of Scotland Minister. His previous posts include being Principal of Faith Mission Bible College and a prison chaplain

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"Training Leaders in the Church "



Formerly Vicar of St Peter's Church, Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent, now Edward Lobb is Director of the Cornhill Training Centre in Glasgow.

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October Conference 2007



"The Dispirited Servant "


Derek Prime, now retired, was a well known conference speaker and Pastor of Charlotte Chapel Church in Edinburgh for many years.

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  John Woodside is a minister in the Presbyterian Church of Ireland.  


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